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NotifyM has the most comprehensive listing of local deals to save you money. From everyday Deals, Coupons, to Today Only offers, discover what your local retailers has to offer and start saving money. It’s the only app you need for finding the best local deals!

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Why NotifyM?

Why not? By downloading the Heelo™ app, you’ll see all the latest and greatest deals from your local retailers. And best of all it’s completely free to use. If that’s not enough, here are some additional benefits to consider:

Amazing Local Deals

NotifyM provides you with the deals that’s nearest to you first! You’ll never miss out on the latest and greatest offers from your local retailers.

Save with Digital Coupons

Browse through our collection of digital coupons and save on items and services that matter to you most.

Hurry Today Only

Hurry before this offer ends! Today Only deals are incredible offers that are only valid for one day, so keep an eye out for these daily specials.

Follow Your Favorite Stores

You can follow your favorite stores and get notified whenever they post new deals, coupons or daily specials. As we like to say… you’ve been notified!

Supporting Local Business

NotifyM was created to promote local businesses and all of the great products and services that they provide to their surrounding areas. Support your local businesses by discovering the great deals they have to offer on NotifyM!

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Download the NotifyM app and find local deals near you. Happy savings everyone!

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