NotifyM is very pleased to partner with the Upper Oakville Shopping Centre merchants to build a modern mobile friendly promotion.

NotifyM provides a valuable tool for a retailer or restaurant tenant by bridging the gap for small business operators – a link from traditional media to mobile marketing, and now to in person activation.

Our team is prepared to help merchants create offers that will drive engagement with customers by using creative alerts and push notification – we want consumers to turn a single stop into a multi tenant visit.

Why NotifyM?

At NotifyM, we apply the best in proximity and mobile technologies to create the best real-world marketing platform. Unlock the business potential with the best in mobile consumer engagement.

Instant real-world notifications

NotifyM app instantly notifies customers of promotions and specials as they shop. We help to engage and elevate their shopping experience while in-store or near beacon-enabled businesses.

How it works

NotifyM uses leading edge beacon technology and NotifyM Ping System to instantly and securely push promotional notifications to your customers in 4 easy steps:


A NotifyM proximity beacon sends a signal to the customer’s phone.


The NotifyM app on the customer’s phone instantly picks up the signal.


The NotifyM app delivers the signal to the cloud and retrieves the message.


The message is sent to the customer’s phone. All of this happens within a few seconds.

NotifyM is proximity engagement

At NotifyM, our mission is to go beyond the limits of traditional advertising by providing the best “in-the-moment” marketing solution to benefit business growth and customer satisfaction across various verticals.

Get familiar with our app

Designed with simplicity in mind, see how the Heelo™ app can make in-store savings fast & easy for you.

Grow your business and reduce waste

NotifyM is the best proximity marketing tool to help your business reach new heights while reducing paper and print waste.

Download the NotifyM App

Download the NotifyM app and discover the best in proximity marketing now!

  • Create, retain and increase brand loyalty.
  • Engage customers through relevant promotions.
  • Increase on-site marketing capabilities

It’s a fantastic time to join NotifyM!

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